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Telemessage Disclaimer


Please read the following very carefully. This paragraph limits your rights to claim or collect damages based on failure or alleged failure of Telemessage to provide voice mail or message services. It is impossible to anticipate the nature, measure, or types of damages that a subscriber might sustain as a consequence of a subscriber's failure to obtain or retrieve voice mail messages, and because of the varied ways that a voice mail message could get lost, erased, go undelivered, or not be retrieved, many of which are outside of the control of Telemessage.

It is not practical for Telemessage to assume liability for damages that might be sustained by a subscriber as a consequence of an undelivered, not retrieved, lost, or erased message. Therefore, you as a subscriber understand and acknowledge that Telemesage is not and will not be liable or responsible for any damages that you or a third party might sustain as a consequence of Telemessage's failure to deliver a message, deliver a message timely, or for messages that might be lost, dropped, or erased from your voice mail system or message bank. The subscriber's sole remedy for Telemessage's failure to perform shall be limited to a claim for reimbursement of fees paid for said service.

In addition, Telemessage retains ownership of the telephone number subscriber is assigned. This number may be reassigned or taken away with thirty days notice.

Telemessage billing procedures. Telemessage asks that you pay upon receiving your voice mail number by either credit card or debit card. If you choose to be billed on a monthly basis for service, Telemessage will mail a bill to you. The first bill must be paid within ten working days or you will be blocked from accessing your messages. If the first payment is not received within thirty days your service will be disconnected. Your billing cycle runs from the day your voice mail is activated. If you cancel your service before the end of your billing cycle, you will be billed for the entire cycle. After you pay your first invoice you will be billed for the service on a monthly basis. If your account runs thirty days past due you will be blocked from accessing your messages. At 60 days past due your voice mail will be disconnected. There is a $20.00 charge to reconnect your service once it has been disconnected. If you have any billing concerns you may contact our customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at 619-364-7100.