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Telemessage offers much better value than the phone company.  We offer more features and capacity for the money.  Compare our offerings to those of AT&T (SBC) or Verizon, and we're pretty sure you'll choose Telemessage.

Features included at no cost:

  • Free installation
  • We pick up when your home or business phone is busy or not answered (free for AT&T/SBC customers)
  • Private voicemail number to give out to those you'd rather not have your regular number
  • Web access to your messages from anywhere in the world
  • Email, mobile phone, or pager notification
  • Message delivery to your email inbox
  • Multiple simultaneous calls
  • Toll Saver
  • Direct messaging between Telemessage boxes
  • Message forwarding via email (web interface only)
  • Attach a note to messages (web interface only)
  • All messages time-stamped

Optional Extras:

  • Group boxes ("Press 1 for Lisa; press 2 for Bart"); only $1 each
  • Increased message storage
  • Custom telephone numbers
  • Area-wide service (multiple numbers connect to your same box)